Veridian Fire Protective Gear is a leading company with a strong focus on NFPA-approved fire suits, gloves, and the Viper hood. Their commitment to safety and excellence is evident in the design and production of these advanced protective products. Veridian's NFPA-approved fire suits, gloves, and the Viper hood are built to the highest standards, ensuring that firefighters and first responders can operate in the most hazardous conditions with confidence.

The gloves offered by Veridian are designed to complement their fire suits, providing comprehensive hand protection without compromising dexterity. These gloves are constructed to withstand extreme heat and offer exceptional grip for maximum performance.

Additionally, the Viper hood, a critical component in a firefighter's safety gear, is expertly crafted to safeguard the head and neck from extreme temperatures and exposure. Veridian Fire Protective Gear stands as a trusted choice for state-of-the-art fire protection through NFPA-approved gear, gloves, and the Viper hood, setting the standard for safety and reliability in high-risk environments.

Veridian Suits Velocity - Front Jacket

Veridian Suits Velocity - Front Pant

Veridian Suits Velocity - Back Jacket

Veridian Suits Velocity - Back Pant

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