Cestusline Inc, USA (Cestus)

There are eight series of gloves produced by Cestusline to fulfill different types of user requirements. Each series have their own uniqueness and capabilities in helping specific user to complete their task easily without compromising their safety aspects.

  • Pro Series - specialize for Oil and Gas industry.
  • Vibration Series - equipment vibration protection.
  • Handler Series - hand protection in masonry, box handling, and extrication.
  • Trade Series - construction and carpentry, to landscaping, manufacturing and more.
  • Welder Series - welding equipment protection.
  • Miners Series - mining operations protection.
  • Temp Series - cold-weather hand protection.
  • Gen-U Series - general purpose gloves

Please click the image below to see the whole collection for each series.


Pro Series


Vibration Series

Handler Series
Trade Series

Welder Series

Miner Series

Temp Series

Gen-U Series