Cestusline Inc, 

Named after the ancient Roman battle glove, Cestus has multiple series of gloves ranging from construction and welding gloves, to oil resistant and anti-vibration technical gloves. Cestus was founded in 2010 and the management team has over 30 years of experience in gloves production.

Currently, there are ten series of gloves available for consumers to chose based on their working requirements.

  • Pro Series – specialize for Oil and Gas industry.
  • Vibration Series – equipment vibration protection.
  • Handler Series – hand protection in masonry, box handling, and extrication.
  • Trade Series – construction, carpentry, landscaping, manufacturing and more.
  • Welder Series – welding equipment protection.
  • Miners Series – mining operations protection.
  • Temp Series – cold-weather hand protection.
  • Year Round Comfort Series –  both cold and warm weather protection.
  • Gen-U Series – general purpose gloves collections.
  • Fire & Rescue Series – specialize for fire and rescue sectors.

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